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>This is in response to the thread about Bacillus thuringensis signs
>posted around the garden to try to warn off produce thieves.  I'm afraid
>that I lost that thread, but I thought up a decent alternative to the
>'horrid spray warning' signs.
>        When I was out poking through the local WalMart a while ago,
>I happened to look inside a "Jurassic Park" lunchbox.  The thermos
>packed in it gave me this idea.  The thermos had an incorrect (but
>nifty looking) version of the biohazard symbol on it, and the words
>(in official looking type) "Warning:  Contains Biological Material"
>Personally, I think that that would be a better way to scare off these
>goobers, after all of the fear and controversy surrounding genetically
>altered products.  Check these thermoses (thermi?) out.  I think something
>like this could make a great sign.

>Just my $.02


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A friend of mine once posted a sign that warned: "CAUTION: DO NOT ENTER 
WHILE LABORATORY IS IN MOTION".  It was amazingly effective, and long queues 
of uncertain undergraduates would form up outside the lab waiting for 
someone else to go in first....


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