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Henrik Kibak hkibak at leland.Stanford.EDU
Wed Nov 24 23:08:40 EST 1993

In article <1993Nov19.084443.10363 at> mjgh at (Martin Hughes (Bioc)) writes:
>In article <CGpBJn.ABF at> mkjensen at (Martha K Jensen) writes:
>About scaring folks off from using/stealing things, including...
>>I happened to look inside a "Jurassic Park" lunchbox.  The thermos
> I kept, I put a biohazard warning label on it - OK, it only contained
>water, but I think that if you have ENOUGH water, and the biological
>organism cannot swim, then it must be a hazard, right?  This one
>did not go walkies :-)

When there are evil folks like myself about, these approaches can
backfire... A friend of mine was using one of the growth chambers
on campus to culture some very expensive orchid strains for a little
business he was running on the side (actually quite big!) and in order
to keep busybodies away he used to to mark all the cultures radioactive,
which I knew damn well they were not.  One day as a bunch of us were
sitting around drinking coffee I mentioned, for a joke, that EH&S had
finally gotten around to disposing of that abandoned radioactive waste
in one of the old growth chambers...
Well, my friend turned sheet-white, spilled his coffee and rushed out
the door.
		It was priceless!!!

Of course the orchids were safe... :-)

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