Andean Nunas or "Popping beans"

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>>A recent issue of _CIAT International_ (Vol. 12 No. 1, June 1993, Pp. 5-6)
>>had an article by Loretta Ferguson on "nunas" [with one of those Spanish
>>"~" things over both the "n"s].
>>Seems nunas are the legume equivalent of popcorn.  They are only known
>>from the high Andes.  Attempts to grow them elsewhere (e.g. at 1700 m
>>at Popayan in Colombia) have not been very successful.

>The problem with popbeans (which are, indeed, P. vulgaris) is that
>they are so sensitive to daylength that it is essentially impossible
>to grow them outdoors outside their favored (tropical) latitudes.  
>are supposed to be very good and much easier to grow.

The chapter on Nunas in LOST CROPS OF THE INCAS(a tremendous resource for
anyone interested in traditional,i.e. non-european, foods of the Andes)
contains a note to the effect that nunas have been grown at a USDA site in 
Pullman, Washington (47 degree N Lat., elev. 200m.)  It did not 
specify whether they were grown indoors or out.  There is another note
to the effect that progress has been made in overcoming the photoperiod
sensitivity of the nunas.

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