barley cosmid library wanted

Lynn S Dahleen dahleen at
Tue Oct 26 11:25:47 EST 1993

To All,	
	I am currently attempting a map based cloning of the Rpg1 (stem
rust resistance) locus in barley.  I have access to a markers that map
very close to this locus and I have reason to believe that the physical
distance in the region surrounding the Rpg1 locus is relatively small in
relation to the genetic distance.  Obtaining large YAC clones in the area
is slow, so I am hoping that there may be cosmid libraries already in
existance that I may use to initiate a walk towards the Rpg1 locus.  If
any of you know where I may obtain a cosmid library from barley, I would
greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

                                                  Dave Horvath
State University Station
Fargo ND 58105
Phone: 701-239-1335
Fax:   701-239-1369
E-mail Dahleen at 

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