C3 or C4?

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> Is there some central, North American, or state-by-state source where
> one can quickly determine what species have been found to be C4 (or
> definitely identified as C3)?  None of the floras that I've looked at
> seem to have that information, ... [stuff deleted]
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The only source of collated C3/C4 data for a large number plants of which I
am aware is in:

Dittberner, P.L. and M.R. Olsen. 1983. The Plant Information Network (PIN)
Data Base: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. U.S. Fish
and Wildlife Service. FWS/OBS-83/36. 786 pp.

This is the paper version of the data from the PIN database, which was on a
FWS computer for a number of years before the document was published. The
database includes information (if available) in over 50 categories
(descriptors) for each species, and included most of the plants in the
states covered. In this document, Table 9. Taxonomic and biologic data
(p.467-558), has a column (H) for "Carbon dioxide fixation" and lists C3,
C4, CAM (crassulacean acid metabolism), or none (saprophytes), for those
plants for which data was available.

A quick perusal of the table indicates about 30% of the approx.5000 species
in the table have entries in this column. This document is not very recent,
and its coverage is limited, but I have not seen any other responses to
your request, so I am posting this information.  Also, many of the plants
listed occur outside of the states named in the title, in effect extending
the coverage somewhat for this descriptor. If you have received additional
information on this question via e-mail, please summarize and post to the
list or e-mail me a copy. Hope this helps.

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