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Wed Sep 1 06:04:55 EST 1993

I would like to ask who is the owner (e-mail) of bionet.plants and why
Mgr. Grzegorz Kruk does not have an access to bionet any more ?
This newsgroup was established to exchange an information.
In his posting he wanted to share with you experienced staff his point
of view and I can not see any 'fanaticism' in that message.
However I leave without comments Mr. Mark Hovenden's posting (
including Mr. Kruk's private mail and the fact that he has no more access
to bionet.
The sentence included in Mr. Hovenden's message "The concept of plant free
will, at least couched in the terms of Kruk, is patent idiocy", which
probably provoked Mr. Kruk to that private response seem to look strange
at least to me (as far as I know Mr. Kruk is a physicist not a biologist).
Maybe his observation had a deeper meaning connected with physics, where
a free will is not necessary the same what religious people mean by that.
Free will could be considered as a possibility of a choice, however looking
for a minimum of energy needed to reach the aim.
Please you can flame me, but please reply to my e-mail address. I do not
read this item very often.
You can alsotake me an access to bionet plants as you have done to Mgr. 
Grzegorz Kruk To have this part of news only for you.......
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