Seeking Lupin Alkaloids(2)

Dominique Blache blache at
Thu Sep 2 04:14:20 EST 1993

Hi, I am sorry for the empty message but I've got problem with my
I'm working on effect of lupin on LH secretion in Sheep. Briefly, Merino
rams fed with Lupinus angustifolius present an increase in luteinizing
hormone pulsatility (ask for more details).
We feed the sheep with the sweet type which contains about 0.01% of alkaloid.
We'd like to test if this daily intake of alkaloid (about 100mg) can
modify the LH secretion. So, we need these pure alkaloid, but Sigma or
Aldrich do not supply these products.
So, this is my request:
Does somebody have some lupinine, lupanine, 13-hydroxylupanine,
angustifoline, iso-lupanine?
Does somebody know somebody who knows?
Thanks everybody

Dominique Blache

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