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Tony Travis ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri
Thu Sep 2 07:33:20 EST 1993

EWEN at uk.ac.uel.whmain wrote:
: [...]
: And yes, It has been a while since I've posted to bp, I am one of the
: famous "lurkers" that Martin seems so concerned about. So, I'm going
: to chip my two bob's worth in...

A 'bob' is UK 5p if US readers want to add their 2 cent's worth ;-)

:     When I signed up for the bionet, and not just bp, I had this sort
: ofvague impression, that here we were, computer literate biologists
: of the world having a chat over, as it was put, a metaphorical pint at
: the global boozer, and, indeed, when I first posted, I got into some

There are but maybe they are in a metaphorical coffee/soft drinks bar ...

: very interesting one-to-ones about my work and how it might relate to
: other people's. Great, thinks I, this is it, this is what it's all
: about, there are other people outside my particular corner of the
: universe that I'm never going to see at conferences and who, through
: this forum may be able to informally help me as I travail through my
: PhD.

This is *exactly* what I had in mind when I proposed bionet.plants

:     What I hadn't expected, and I don't really think that I've ever
: seen, is Martin's point about "competition"... If there's anybody out
: there working in the same even approximate field that I'm working in,
: I'ld be glad to give them my results, literature searches, databases.
: Because it's bloody lonely out here in Strategy Theory as Applied to
: the processes of soil microbial succession, and If there is anybody
: out there, PLEASE MAIL ME....

.... and post a summary of your replies to bionet.plants?

:     Bionet.plants is in my view a good "working" forum. It's raised
: some interesting points in the time that I've been watching it, even
: if Tony does at times seem to be the only one keeping interest alive.
: Yes, there are lurkers out there.. My interest in "plants" is, if you
: like, purely theoretical. Strategy Theory (until I publish my PhD),
: revolves around the processes of plant succession, which is why I
: subscribed to the group in the first place. Plants left my life
: during Biology II in my second undergrad year, and even if I don't
: pretend to understand half of what's being talked about, BP is a good
: way to "finger the pulse" out there in plantland.

Also a good way to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to plant biology.

:     So, If we feel that the group may be getting a bit moribund,
: interest is slacking off, (and do remember that it is Academic R&R
: accross most of the world at the moment), why don't we take up that
: suggestion of Tony's ? Why don't we follow the example of the Lactic
: Acid list and have everybody drop the list a few paras about what
: they're working in ? Why not go further and, again as the Lactic Acid
: group have a "computer conference ". Submit Papers, new or old
: (because I doubt if anyone's ever seen 1/10th of the papers of
: interest to them - there has to be something out there new to
: somebody or, if old, that can be chased up on, expanded and debated)
: and lets see what happens.

Good idea, Ewen - I find bionet.plants interesting, but a little
'light-weight' at times: not that this is always a bad thing, but I
would like bionet.plants to achieve some scientific credibilty.

:     Now, who's round is it ? Mine's a pint of Tartan Special.

Mine, you can have an orange juice - much healthier but not as much fun.
I find the local 80/- rather efficatious after hours though :-)

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