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Greetings all,

And yes, It has been a while since I've posted to bp, I am one of the
famous "lurkers" that Martin seems so concerned about. So, I'm going
to chip my two bob's worth in...

    When I signed up for the bionet, and not just bp, I had this sort
ofvague impression, that here we were, computer literate biologists
of the world having a chat over, as it was put, a metaphorical pint at
the global boozer, and, indeed, when I first posted, I got into some
very interesting one-to-ones about my work and how it might relate to
other people's. Great, thinks I, this is it, this is what it's all
about, there are other people outside my particular corner of the
universe that I'm never going to see at conferences and who, through
this forum may be able to informally help me as I travail through my
    What I hadn't expected, and I don't really think that I've ever
seen, is Martin's point about "competition"... If there's anybody out
there working in the same even approximate field that I'm working in,
I'ld be glad to give them my results, literature searches, databases.
Because it's bloody lonely out here in Strategy Theory as Applied to
the processes of soil microbial succession, and If there is anybody
out there, PLEASE MAIL ME....
    Bionet.plants is in my view a good "working" forum. It's raised
some interesting points in the time that I've been watching it, even
if Tony does at times seem to be the only one keeping interest alive.
Yes, there are lurkers out there.. My interest in "plants" is, if you
like, purely theoretical. Strategy Theory (until I publish my PhD),
revolves around the processes of plant succession, which is why I
subscribed to the group in the first place. Plants left my life
during Biology II in my second undergrad year, and even if I don't
pretend to understand half of what's being talked about, BP is a good
way to "finger the pulse" out there in plantland.

    So, If we feel that the group may be getting a bit moribund,
interest is slacking off, (and do remember that it is Academic R&R
accross most of the world at the moment), why don't we take up that
suggestion of Tony's ? Why don't we follow the example of the Lactic
Acid list and have everybody drop the list a few paras about what
they're working in ? Why not go further and, again as the Lactic Acid
group have a "computer conference ". Submit Papers, new or old
(because I doubt if anyone's ever seen 1/10th of the papers of
interest to them - there has to be something out there new to
somebody or, if old, that can be chased up on, expanded and debated)
and lets see what happens.

    Now, who's round is it ? Mine's a pint of Tartan Special.


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