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Thu Sep 2 04:34:56 EST 1993

In <CCoFLs.H8q at> young at (Rich Young) writes:

>Mr. Kruk sent me this in e-mail and asked me to post it, since he apparently
>has no direct bionet access.  

>I would like to ask you to post this to bionet.plants:

>_____GKRUK at mee.tcd.ie______GKRUK@vax1.tcd.ie______GKRUK at unix2.tcd.ie____

Mr Kruk has a valid internet address if he can send messages to then he can send messages to

I greatly doubt that he has been denied access to Bionet.

	1) he could read the bionet newsgroups through a newsreader.
	2) he could read the bionet newsgroups through gopher or WWW
	3) he could subscribe to the the E-mail distribution of BioSci

If he wants to post to this forum he can even use the open access news
gateway at by directing his messages to 

bionet.plants at

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