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: Stephen (of University of Guelph):

: [...]
: Many of my colleagues are only now beginning to see the value in seeking 
: information from "the other side".  However, there is a great split between
: [...]

Speaking, as I am, from the 'other' side I think it is worth mentioning
that any genuine scientist would be intrigued to know what the
mechanism of action of a particular herbal medicine is.

The difficulty that I feel most evident is when pseudo-science or
mystical properties are used to explain (or conceal the ignorance of)
the mechanism of action.  I accept that alternative medicine has,
historically, contributed a great deal to medical science and has yet
more to offer.  I, for one, have no difficulty believing the result of
a statistically valid experiment but some advocates of 'alternative'
medicine seem reluctant to engage in scientific experiments.

On the other hand, it is equally difficult to get biochemists to
conduct statistically valid experiments ... ;-)

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