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Tony Travis ajt at
Thu Sep 2 17:11:09 EST 1993

an33145 at fi.penet.anon wrote:
: I would like to ask who is the owner (e-mail) of bionet.plants and why
: Mgr. Grzegorz Kruk does not have an access to bionet any more ?

Well, *I* proposed the creation of bionet.plants and *I* was therefore
nominated as discussion 'leader' by Dave Kristofferson but *you* and
everyone else contributing to this group own it.  Please don't suggest
that there is some conspiracy to prevent anyone expressing their views
on bionet.plants - all mail to the list was being rejected until Kenton
Hoover fixed a problem with the uucp spool directories at

: This newsgroup was established to exchange an information.
: In his posting he wanted to share with you experienced staff his point
: of view and I can not see any 'fanaticism' in that message.

You are right, but don't expect everyone to agree with everything that
is posted.  This is an unmoderated group and Mark was just as free to
post his opinion here as Grzegorz was.  If you don't like something
then you can either ignore it, or post a reply saying so but don't try
to imply that an invisible 'list owner' is moderating the group.

: [...]
: You can alsotake me an access to bionet plants as you have done to Mgr. 
: Grzegorz Kruk To have this part of news only for you.......

On the contrary - I invite you to participate in rational scientific
debate about any aspect of plant biology that interests you.  I think
it would be appropriate to post more philosophical articles to
but I hope you stay with us and participate in the group.

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