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Thu Sep 2 06:56:54 EST 1993

Hello:  Well, since you asked... I have been reading this newsgroup for
almost a year now.  I am an herbalist by training and am currently researching
the use of potentially poisonous plants in phytotherapy.  It is very helpful
for me to see what the various tendrils of interest are out there in plant
science and it helps keep me up to date with a general view.  

Though I doubt many of you would be interested in my work (and that of my
colleagues), I feel it is important that folks in plant science know that
there is a rich knowledge being developed here and in other countries with
the use of plants for healing.  

I am a bit strange even to my colleagues, in that I hang out in "western
science" gleaning what I can and bringing info back to my field.  

With the current interest by the public in the use of herbal products, and
the current threats from the FDA in taking all herbal products off the market
and therefore creating a difficult access to them, my interests are indeed,
very apropos.  

I'll be here reading and ready to answer any questions regarding phytotherapy
when it is needed.  And, I'll ask for help every now and then as well.  Thanks
for creating a fascinating newsgroup!

Robyn Klein, Herbalist
Bozeman, Montana

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