Still free will (at my peril)

Mark Hovenden mark_hov at
Thu Sep 2 21:19:26 EST 1993

I have been sent many messages concerning Grzegorz Kruk's access to
the net, mostly from Mgr. Kruk himself, one of which I was invited
to post onto the net, but bcause of the generally unconstructive
nature of the article casting nasturtium spp. on my government, my
country (Australia more so than Antarctica) as well as myself.  The
last of these was a slightly more humble request that I ask that
his network access be reinstated.  A recent posting pointed out
that it is highly likely that Mgr. Kruk does have access to the
net, but if this is not the case then I ask that Mgr. Kruk be
allowed access to the net once again so that all may enjoy his non
sequiturs.  I myself believe that there may be just a few problems
with the net and no actual conspiracy involved.

Yours once again,


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