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Tony Travis ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri
Fri Sep 3 12:13:56 EST 1993

kinneya at com.dupont.dnet.esvax wrote:
: This is in response to the request from Tony Travis to post a synopsis of 
: what net readers are up to.

Thanks for responding to my request, Tony.  Let's have a few more
people introducing themselves.

: [...]
: Required Opinion on Free Will: I must bend to the Dupontum arbitrium
: (Divine will). So must our (transgenic) plants. 


: Drink of Choice: I'll share a wee dram with Dr. Travis and "...face the
: Devil" (or whatever else the evening may bring). 

Sorry to disappoint you, I'm English (from Lancashire) but I love it here.

: Favorite defunct coin: Half crown (2/6d, worth about a Quarter. My
: Grandfather called the Half-Crown, refering to a much healthier-mythical
: perhaps- exchange rate, a Dollar) A tanner (sixpence, which was worth about
: a Nickel) comes in a close second. 

Hmm. slightly inaccurate data: a 'dollar' is 5/- (or a crown) and the
half-crown (12.5 UK pence now) was affectionately known as 'half a
dollar' when green vegetables were not grown to fit on supermarket
shelves and (required reference to plant biology) I was studying
Agricultural Botany ...

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