My little bit of turf.

Mark Hovenden mark_hov at
Thu Sep 2 22:12:54 EST 1993

I am finding it refreshing to read the few paragraphs that some
people are posting about their work.  A touch more than a month ago
I posted details of my work into antarctic lichens and two
abstracts from papers I will be presenting at a conference soon,
and have had a few private chats with some others about lichen
work.  I don't think that there is much to worry about with fraud
in an area like this, since there are only a handful of people in
my field in the world, AND my abstracts are already in the book for
the conference.  My tiny bit of turf has been staked and people
would be unimaginative to do EXACTLY the same work, even in a
non-polar biome.  Anyway, I'm not really paranoid, but lichen
biology is not the most swiftly moving field of study.

And in Australia a <bob> was a shilling (pre 1966) and then became
the equivalent which is ten cents.  A florin was two bob (2/) and
the saying in Australia is the same as with the poms being "two
bob's worth".

If anyone would like me to repost details of my research I would be
pleased to do so, or to add other more peripheral antarctic and
Australian research interests.

Bye now.


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