Sean Mallory smallory at ouray.denver.colorado.edu
Fri Sep 3 16:30:14 EST 1993

Yet another lurker gets around to posting...

I've been involved in botanizing for a while now, and have had a growing
interest in hydrophytes. This is currently centering around ferns (though
i can't yet spell the latin for fern...) and i was wondering if anyone could
recommend a reference for ecology, identification, and cultivation of ferns
found in north america. I don't expect to find all of this in one referance,
but if it is possible, so much the better.

Being naturally attracted to oddities, i would like to know if there are ferns
adapted to xeric areas, and what adaptations they have, since the examples of
adaptation to dry climes i've heard of were all in angiosperms.

Sean Mallory (smallory at ouray.denver.colorado.edu)

I'm not supposed to have opinions till i'm a graduate student, so please ignore
any herein.

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