Name of "Borassus" in English ???

Mon Sep 6 07:29:15 EST 1993

Dear plant people :)

My friend is translating an archeology paper from French into English and
has encountered a reference to the plant whose latin name is "BORASSUS".
She was unable to find the English equivalent (exact since this is a 
scientific paper) although she knows that it is a type of African or Indian
Palm (?).

Could anyone help her?  Please send replies to my e-mail address (below) and
I will pass them on to her!

Any help will be much appreciated...
Dorothy Lowry
Dorothy Lowry                                         dlowry at
Dept. Medical Biochemistry
University of Geneva                                  +41 22 702 5490
1, rue Michel Servet, 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland

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