B-O-T-A-N-Y is for keeps

Tony Travis ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri
Tue Sep 7 17:55:30 EST 1993

: [...]
: I agree that botany is a fine word, and I continue to list Botanist as my
: occupation to the IRS. I am particularly heartened by the decision of the
: Botanical Society of America to stand firm in keeping the word botany in
: their flagship journal.
: 					Botany is best,

You may recall that my _original_ proposal was for a bionet.botany news
group and I agree that botany is a fine word!  However, I accepted the
consensus of opinion on bionet that 'botany' means 'taxonomy' to many
people and what we wanted was a more gereral plant biology forum.

The word 'botany' actually means "the scientific study of plants" and
you are right, Botany *is* best but Plant Biology is not a bad second.
Interestingly, we don't hear many zoologists calling themselves animal
biologists do we?

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