Call for papers for RICE GENOME newsletter

Ilkka Havukkala ilkka at RICE.NBH.AFFRC.GO.JP
Tue Sep 7 23:52:00 EST 1993

This is the LAST CALL for papers (short articles,
announcements, etc.) for the FOURTH issue 
of the newsletter RICE GENOME (December 1993), 
published by the Japanese Rice Genome 
Research Program at Tsukuba, Japan.

Revised DEADLINE 8. October 1993. 
Please send contributions to the address below, 
preferably by email (ASCII text).

Ilkka Havukkala
Informatics, Rice Genome Research Program
2-1-2 Kannondai, Norin Danchi
305 Ibaraki
ph. +81-298-38-7437
fax +81-298-38-7468
email: (Internet) ilkka at
minobe at

N.B. I am absent 9. September to 3. October.
During my absence send inquiries to: 
Nobuo Miyadera 
miyadera at

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