About me

SUSAN FARMER farmer at cs.utk.edu
Wed Sep 8 15:08:11 EST 1993

I gather "you" wanted to know who "we" are.  Well I just got this group not too
long ago.  I'm a new Botany Graduate Student (Yes, UT does still have a Botany
Dept.) and I want to study _Trillium_.  I've been photographing the spring
wildflowers for about 15 years and one thing led to another ... I tell people
I spent so much time crawling around wildflowers, my brain has *obviously* been
infected with some truely obscure leaf mold.  :-)  My BA is in Computer Science
this is an Alumni Account courtest of the CS department.  In addittion to the
study of Trillium, I hope to combine the two (computers and plants, I mean).

Anything else?


Susan B. Farmer     farmer at cs.utk.edu     Lady Jerusha Kilgore     
I can't even find time to clean house and you want me to come up with a .sig?
     B.A. in Computer Science ... Graduate Student in Botany

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