Does anyone have Lat/long distribution data for entire genera?

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Wed Sep 8 22:53:43 EST 1993

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>I am looking for researchers with lat/long distribution
>data in ASCII format.  I am interested in any clade of plants
>for which all "known" populations are mapped...

You should consider getting ahold of a copy of the book _Areography_ by
Eduardo Rappaport (full citation below) for some intersting ideas, but
more directly relevant, doing a citations index search for articles in the
botanical literature that have cited him: they are very likely to have
collected the sorts of data in which you are interested...

Rappaport was very interested in geographic range, and, loosely speaking,
range "geometry", as a taxonomic property, and used many examples from the
floras and faunas of South America. 

good luck!

jonathan kochmer
unixversity of washington
seattle, wa

ME   Rapoport, Eduardo.
DT   Areography : geographical strategies of species / Eduardo
     H. Rapoport ; translated by Barbara Drausal.
ED   1st English ed., rev. and enl.
PI   Oxford [Oxfordshire] ; New York : Published on behalf of
     the Fundacion Bariloche by Pergamon Press, 1982.
AE   Rapoport, Eduardo. Areography.

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