images of arabidopsis

Eric Neumann eneumann at
Thu Sep 9 16:01:11 EST 1993


I'm developing a genetic modelling tool as part of an NSF sponsored
project, which will attempt to incorporate various pieces of data (images,
movies, genetic maps, sequences, biochemical info) within a genetic
simulation environment. I would like to include images of wildtype as well
as mutant phenotypes (with corresponding genotypes) of various organisms
into a prototype of this system. 

Does anyone have access to (or know where there may be some) digitized
images of various phenotypes for arabidopsis (e.g., homeotics) which I
could include into the model? I'd be willing to collaborate jointly with
anyone interested in trying out the software for genetic modelling and/or
education purposes. 


Eric K. Neumann, Ph.D.
BBN Labs
10 Moulton St.
Cambridge, Ma 02138

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