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Fri Sep 10 12:01:43 EST 1993

Several people have asked for more information on FNA...  here's what 
I have.

FNA is a projected series of 14 volumes, the first two of which are now
available.  8.5x11", 320 pp each, acid free paper...  This is part of a 
major 30+ herbarium cooperative effort that's been going on for (mumble
mumble years).    $75/volume for the first two.*

*If you were at AIBS, you may have picked up the Oxford University Press
20% discount flyer, which brings the cost down to $60/volume... that
offer expires 12 Sept 93.    1-800-451-7556

Coverage is of all species found north of Mexico... basic format is
the usual:  keys, distribution maps, habitat and range summaries for 
each species, chromosome counts as available, as the usual family, 
genus and species descriptions and synonomies.  There are also 
references listed, and line drawings of each genus and about 1/3 
of the species.

Volumes 3-12 will cover the angiosperms, while 13 is the bryophytes and
2 (now available) covers pteridophytes and gymnosperms.  V. 1 (also
available now) has the introductory essays, and v. 14 will be a complete
cumulative bibliography and index for the set.  The publication is 
expected to take the next 12 years.

Contents of volume 1:  Physical setting of NA: (Broullet and Whetstone on 
physiography and climate, Stiela on soils);  Paleofloristics, paleovegetation
and paleoclimates (Graham on K/T, Delcourt and Delcourt on late Quaternary);
Contemporary vegeration and floristics (Barbour and Christensen on NA
vegetation, Thorne on phytogeography); Humankind and the Flora (Reveal and
Pringle, Taxonomic Botany and floristics of NA, review, Stuckey and Barkley,
Weeds, Heiser on Ethnobotany and economic botany; Yatskievych & Spellenberg 
on conservation); Classification systems used in FNA (Stebbins on species,
genera, ranks concepts; Wagner and Smith on pteridophyte classifications, 
Ekenwalder on gymnosperm classification, Cronquist's "commentary on the 
General System of Classification of Flowering Plants", and Reveal on
overview of angiosperm families.
ISBN 0-19-505713-9

V2:  Pteridophytes (s.l), including Psilotophyta, Lycopodiophyta,
Equisetophyta,  Polypodiophyta; Gymnosperms including cycads, gingko,
ephedra, Coniferophyta.
ISBN 0-19-508242-7

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI

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