How to make money..and Waste a tremendous amount of time

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Mon Sep 13 21:22:30 EST 1993

  Dear Dave Rhodes:
  Do not clutter my desk with your ideas for profit.  Between the many users of this bulletin 
  board you have already wasted hours if not days of time.  
  In the next few days you will have wasted ten times more time (and network resources), 
  with the numerous responses to your notice.  Chain letters are a burden of the distribution   
  resources, and are illegal for that reason.
  To other readers of Mr. Dave Rhodes' letter, please resist flaming him unless you have 
  something to add.  I don't care to sort through the numerous responses that Mr. Rhodes 
  deserves.  And I'm sure those wouldn't contain a dollar!
  Terry Delaney Ph.D.
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