Mexican Medicinal Plant - ID?

Wed Sep 15 11:27:41 EST 1993

Response to Rich Young and Net:

     Your posting Monday about the plant known in vernacular
"Mexican" Spanish as "tepezcohuite" used medicinally, challenged my
Mexican graduate student, Hugo Cota, to find the scientific name of
this plant.  His conclusion is as follows:

     The plant might be  Arctostaphylos pungens  [Ericaceae],

however ^this^ species is used as a diuretic instead of a topical
treatment for skin maladies.  If you find out otherwise what this
plant is, please let us know [curiosity killed the free afternoon!].

     Perhaps this information helps you, perhaps not.  At least it's

     Good luck.

    Dr. Robert S. Wallace     s1.rsw at
    Dept. of Botany
    Iowa State University

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