New media for plant culture!

Fri Sep 17 15:29:36 EST 1993

Dear Netters,

I have been browsing through the journals and have noticed that there are
many changes to the media.  Examples are the use of antioxidants to prevent
browning of the media and the reduce the levels of free radicals, certain
metal ions to enhance regeneration and the quet for sources of somaclonal 
variation (2,4 D?).

I was wondering if there has been a summary of the articles or a conclusion
established.  In our lab we perform Agrobacteria meediated transformation
of Canola using MS-H and B5 media.  Does anyone use different media and
get a % transformation greater than 1 to 3%.

I am just very interested in media formulations.  I know that Agrobacterium
works better at low phosphate levels.  Has anyone out there tried low 
phosphate levels in the cocultivation media and looked at the 
transformation rate?

All references, help, info and questions are appreciated.

Murrayian at
Ian Murray


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