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Fri Sep 17 16:08:00 EST 1993

In article <jeffyCDILHs.CHx at>, jeffy at (Jeff Youngstrom) writes...
>I've been looking around for a while for a Key suitable for use by
>a beginning to intermediate level plant identifier.
>What I'd really like is something that could lead me into more
>technical books.
>Any suggestions out there?
>I'm living in the Pacific Northwest of the US if that makes a
>difference.  (Seattle-ish)

It might be best to find a key that is limited to trees and
shrubs.  These are easier to use because you will already
be familiar with a lot of the characters that the key uses and
the key itself will be simpler because of the limited number
of species that are trees and shrubs.  I am not familiar with
the smaller regional keys that are available in your area.  You
should probably call or visit the herbarium at the University of
Washington and see if you can get someone there to help you.

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