cold acclimation in Zea mays

Gandalf the Grey v052lttb at
Fri Sep 17 17:36:00 EST 1993

In article <27cvtj$mmo at>, greshw at writes...
>	I am a college senior and as my senior project I would like to  
>investigate cold acclimation in Zea mays, but I have had difficulty  
>finding past research on this topic.  Does anyone know of any research  
>concerning cold acclimation/frost hardiness/cold tolerance in Zea mays?
>	Thankyou,
>		Bill Gresh
>		greshw at

	Hi My name is Joe Boinski and I am a graduate student at SUNY at 
Buffalo.  I did my qualification examination on cold acclimation, but 
unfortunately is was on wheat.  There are many papers in the literature on 
cold acclimation.  I am more than willing to give you some references, but 
they are at home.  If you want you can reply to me by mail and I will bring 
them in next week for you.  Good luck
		Joe Boinski
		v052lttb at ubvms

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