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Mon Sep 20 05:39:44 EST 1993

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Willy A Verheulpen <waverheu at> wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>Has anyone on the list ever heard of a plants regeneration
>solution by the name of "BIPLANTOL"?
>Solution claims to contain the activated forms of the spore
>elements + "uronic acids"?

Uronic acids are a major component of cell walls, especially of 
the ion-exchanging fraction.  If the homeopathic principle does 
indeed work in plants, then I suppose there is merit in including 
spore elements and uronic acids since contact with these may 
signal an invasion by fungi, bacteria, or competition in the root 
zone from other plants.  I very much doubt, however, that anyone 
has shown that the homeopathic principle works in plants.  

Conrad Richter

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