mitochondrial volume

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Tue Sep 21 09:17:00 EST 1993

Subject: mitochondrial volume
I sent this  query to Biosci::methods & reagents  and got little response
so I thought I would broaden my search for a reply....

The poser I have is:

 How would one go about determining the mitochondrial volume in
tissue culture cells....unfortunately plant ones.
Is there a method(s) for doing this ?
Has any one done it ?
 What are the problems ? (must be loads I expect)

Simply any information would be really helpful.
 I must say, however, I have no wish to undertake serial sectioning!

  Hilary Rogers  

PS please send replies directly to me :

      Rogersh at

I will sumarise and mail news group....that is if I get any replies
> Thanks in advance all you netters

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