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Here is some information for those interested:

Robyn Klein, Herbalist
Bozeman, Montana

Magazines, Newsletters & Organizations

Herbalgram     (published by the American Botanical Council and 
P.O. Box 201660     Herb Research Foundation)
Austin, TX 78720
Subscription $25/yr

Business of Herbs     (for herb businesses)
Rt 2  Box 246
Shevlin, MN 56676
Subscript. $20/yr 

Foster's Botanical & Herb Reviews   (book reviews of botanical and
P.O. Box 106                               herb books)
Eureka Springs, AR  72632     
Subscription $10/yr 

American Herb Association   (quarterly newsletter - 20 pages)
P.O. Box 1673
Nevada City, CA  95959  Subscription $25/yr

American Herbalists Guild  (quarterly newsletter & yearly symposium)
P.O. Box 1683
Soquel, CA  95073  Membership $35-$50/yr

North East Herbal Association  (quarterly newsletter and conference)
P.O. Box 146
Marshfield, VT 05658-0146

Medical Herbalism      (quarterly newsletter for herbalists and 
P.O. Box 33080               naturapathic physicians)
Portland, OR 97233

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing  (3 yr program w/300 hour
1745 West 4th Ave.                         clinical practicum)
Vancouver, BC  Canada V6J 1M2      

The Southwest School of Botanical  Medicine 
122 Tulane S.E.                     (4 month residential school)
Albuquerque, NM  87106

Suggested reading:

W.H. Blackwell, 1990. Poisonous and Medicinal Plants, Prentice Hall. 
J.K. Crellin and J. Philpott, Herbal Medicine Past and Present, Duke
University Press, 1990.  
J.A. Duke, 1985. CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, CRC Press. 
J.A. Duke, 1986.  Handbook of Northeastern Indian Medicinal Plants,
Quarterman Publications, Inc. 
S. Foster, 1991. Echinacea: Nature's Immune Enhancer, Healing Arts
S. Foster, 1992.  Herbal Emissaries: Bringing Chinese Herbs to the
West, Healing Arts Press.
M.R. Gilmore, 1977. Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri
River Region, Univ. of Nebraska Press.
J. Green, 1991.  The Male Herbal: health care for men and boys, The
Crossing Press.
Barbara Griggs, Green Pharmacy: A History of Herbal Medicine, New
York: Viking Press, 1982.
C. Hobbs, (many booklets). Topics: Echinacea, Usnea, Medicinal
Mushrooms, Natural Liver Therapy, Vitex, Milk Thistle, Immune
Therapy. Botanica Press, Box 742, Capitola, CA  95010.  (Most are $5-
D. Hoffmann, 1988. The Herbal Handbook: A User's Guide to Medical
Herbalism, Healing Arts Press. 
S. Mills, 1992.  Out of the Earth: The Essential Book of Herbalism,
Viking Press.
M. Moore, 1979. Medicinal Plants of the Mountains West, Uof NM
M. Moore, 1990. Medicinal Plants of the Desert West, U of NM Press. 
M. Moore, 1993. Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, Red Crane
A.W. Priest and L.R. Priest, Herbal Medication: A Clinical and
Dispensary Handbook, London: L.N. Fowler & Co., Ltd., 1982.  
J. Schofield, 1989. Discovering Wild Plants: Alaska, Western Canada,
the Northwest, Alaska Northwest Books. 
M. Tierra, 1992. American Herbalism: essays on herbs & herbalism by
the members of the American Herbalists Guild. 
S. Weed, 1992.   Menopausal Years, Ash Tree Publishing. 
R.F. Weiss, 1988. Herbal Medicine, (U.S. Distributor: Medicina
Biologica, 4830 N.E. 32nd Avenue, Portland, OR  97211.)
T. Willard, 1992.  Textbook of Advanced Herbology, Wild Rose
T. Willard, 1992.  Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rocky Mountains
and Neighboring Territories, Wild Rose College.
Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants
Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Indica Medica


Journal of Ethnopharmacology
 "Mucilaginous plants and their uses in medicine," 29, 245 (1990).
 "Legal requirements for the use of phytopharmaceutical drugs in the
Federal Republic of Germany," 32, 225 (1991).
 "Contemporary use of bark for medicine by two Salishan native elders
of southeast Vancouver Island, Canada," 29, 59 (1990).
 "Similarities between various systems of traditional medicine:
considerations for the future of ethnopharmacology," 35, 179 (1991).

Social Science & Medicine
 "The holistic heresy: strategies of ideological challenge in the medical
profession," 31, 913 (1990).

Medical Anthropology Quarterly
 "W.H.R. Rivers Prize Essay (1986): Western minds, foreign bodies,"
(Volume not given), pg. 59.

 "Ginkgos and people - a thousand years of interaction," Summer
issue, pg. 3 (1991).

 "Plant drugs in the 21st century," reprint, 8pp., $3.00.
 "Conservation, ethnobotany, and the search for new jungle medicines:
pharmacognosy comes of age...again," reprint, 8pp. 

Bulletin of the World Health Organization
 "Medicinal plants in therapy," 63, 965 (1985).

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