mitochondrial volume

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Wed Sep 22 12:13:40 EST 1993

Dean Pentcheff (dean2 at edu.scarolina.biol.tbone) wrote:
: rogersh at writes:
: >....
: > How would one go about determining the mitochondrial volume in
: >tissue culture cells....unfortunately plant ones.
: > 
: >Is there a method(s) for doing this ?
: [... stereology ...]

Hello, Dean.

I found your reply to Hilary v. interesting and I wonder if you can
help me too?

Basically, we are sectioning plant stems that contain long cylindrical
cells.  However, the cells are not as long as the stem (obviously) and
at random intervals (?) we cut through the ends of cells.  This is a
problem when measuring cell wall thickness because the cell wall is cut
obliquely at the end of the cell when cutting a TS of the stem.

I have an open mind about stereology, but I am not aware how it might
be used in this situation.  I am familiar with the methods of
estimating the dimensions of particles but not highly structured plant
tissues in a stem.

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