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I am looking for a postdoc position. My academic background and seven years 
of experience include a M.Sc in Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding of Crops" 
and a M.Phil and a first Ph.D in "Plant Physiology and Biochemistry". The 
research work for the M.Phil was on "Toxicity of lead and its interaction 
with chelating agents in soil-plant systems irrigated with sewage water and 
for the first doctorate degree was on "Effects of lead, manganese and 
chelating agents on some vegetable crops grown in sewage irrigated soil. 
During that period I was involved in the estimation and purification of 
certain and proteins besides studying various physiolgical aspects of 
plants exposed to metal and water stresses and accumulation of metal ions 
in various plant parts.

At present, I am finishing my second doctorate degree in "Cell Biology" at 
Memorial University, St.John's Canada on "Role of lipid bodies in nitrogen 
fixing nodules of Sesbania, a leguminous weed plant. All the course and 
research requirements towards this degree have been completed. Areas like 
Biochemistry (enzyme assay) Cytology and Histochemistry are involved in 
this work. I was also exposed to handle HPLC and Gas Chromatography. 
Currently three papers are in progress to submit to International Journals. 
If further information is reuired regarding my Resume, Publication list and 
References, I can be reached by phone (709)-737-4418 (office) or 709-722-
6660 (residence) or
e-mail  dsrinivas at

Thanks in advance for your time consideration.

Srinivas Denduluri   

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