Inducibl. Arab.promoters and protein::GUS fusions

John Hays haysj at BCC.ORST.EDU
Tue Sep 28 20:26:29 EST 1993

	I am trying to develop a new technique for screening for
Arabidopsis mutants defective in UV repair.  Without going into details, I
am soliciting ideas, and references, for two critical elements.
	1. A highly inducible but tightly controlled Arabidopsis promoter
(or plant promoter that functions in Arabidopsis), with the following
	a. Very low constitutive expression
	b. Rapidly induced, at least 10-20x, by a convenient-to-use signal.
	c. Ideally, the signal should not be likely to itself cause DNA
damage, e.g. UV, or affect other plant activities, e.g. heat shock.
	2. A gene whose product, when fused translationally to (3 prime)
GUS, does not interfere with beta-glucuronidase expression.  Ideally the
gene (including its introns), should span at least 10 kb of DNA.

	Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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