Insect (whiteflies in greenhouse)

Michael Gross mgross at PILOT.NJIN.NET
Fri Apr 1 08:32:43 EST 1994

Control of whiteflies in a greenhouse might also be achieved using whitefly
predators (Delphastus pusillus) and/or whitefly parasites (Encarsia formosa).
 Numerouse biological control companies sell these organisms.  I can provide
the names of a few companies if anyone is interested.  I haven't had a
problem with whiteflies myself, but have found that mealybug predators
(Cryptolaemus montrouzieri) keep mealybug and scale populations under
control, and spider mite predators keep spider mites under control in my
small college greenhouse.
  Mike Gross
  Biology Dept.
  Georgian Court College
  Lakewood, NJ
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