Frederick D. Hempel evoke at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Apr 3 23:37:15 EST 1994

Dear colleagues:

Awhile ago I wrote asking for your favorite papers/books which
define/discuss the terms specification, determination and commitment.

Here are the results:

Suggested by Carol Auer (UConn)

Christianson & Warnick (1983) Dev. Biol. 95:288-293
Tsvi Sachs (1991) Pattern formation in plant tissues. Cambridge U Press
Henshaw et al. (1982) IN: Differentiation in vitro. Cambridge U Press
Halperin (1969) Ann Rev Plant Physiol 20:395-418

Suggested by Kallie Keith (U Toronto)

Lyndon & Francis (1992) Plant Mol. Biol. 19:51-68

Suggested By Chris Town (CWRU)

McDaniel et al (1992) Dev Biol 153:59-69

My own additional suggestions

Weiss, P (1939) Principles of Development. Henry Holt & Co
Spemann, H (1938) Embryonic Induction & Development. Yale U Press
Huala & Sussex (1993) Plant Cell 5:1157-1165
Williams & Carroll (1993) Bioessays 15:567-577
Steeves et al (1993) Ann. Bot. 71:511-517
Grainger, RM (1992) TIG 349-355
Davidson, E (1993) Development 118:665-690
Battey & Lyndon (1990) Bot Rev. 56:162-189
Slack, (1983) From Egg to Embryo: Regional Specification..... Cambridge
   U Press

This is by no means an exhaustive list and the usage of terms within the
literature cited in this list is not consistent or standardized.

Fred Hempel
UC Berkeley

evoke at nature.berkeley.edu

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