Plant Labels

Barbara Selemon selemon at
Wed Apr 13 18:04:24 EST 1994

I'm working in an arboretum nursery at the University of Washington and 
have been using an old aluminum label press to make permanent plant 
labels.  This machine is very old and is now more or less broken.  I want 
to recommend a new machine to be purchased but don't really know what is 

This is what I need.  The labels need to be long lasting.  Also, we have 
a serious problem with crows which will tear off any plastic tags or tape 
attached to the plant or to a container.  Normally I only need room to 
put a number on these tags but the number must be legible after 25+ years 
which eliminates most ink based systems.  A computer based, non-manual 
operting system would be nice.

I would be interested in any information about label systems that would 
meet my needs.

Thanks ahead of time for your help


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