Postdoctoral position avail.

Wed Apr 20 17:20:52 EST 1994

A postdoctoral position is available May 1, 1994 to study the biology/biochemistry/molecular
biology of cell fusion in Chlamydomonas.  During fertilization in this biflagellated, green
alga the mt+ gamete erects an actin-filled fertilization tubule from the apical end of the
cell.  The tip of this fusion organelle contains proteins that enable it to adhere and fuse with
a similar plasma membrane specialization on the apical end of the mt- gamete.  One
objective of this project is to develop cell biological/biochemical methods to purify the
tubules and directly identify adhesion/fusion proteins.  Using modifications of the
unpublished de-tubulation procedure of L. Bobbitt we have obtained tubule-enriched
fractions and have tentatively identified fertilization tubule-specific, surface proteins.  A
second objective is to clone genes involved in adhesion/fusion by use of newly generated,
fusion-defective mutants.  Since the mutants were obtained by non-homologous insertion
of a piece of DNA into the genome, the inserted DNA can be used as a marker to identify
the flanking DNA, which should contain portions of the disrupted gene.   

     William J. Snell, Ph.D.
     University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center
     Dallas, TX, 75235-9039
     Email-Snell03 at

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