Circadian rhythms in cold tolerance

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> Personally I have gone right back to good-old butter in my diet since these
> dirty-great tubs of sunflower margarine that take ages to use up would begin
> to show signs of free radicals as they oxidise weel before you had managed
> to spread the lot on toast and eat it.  It is also "safe" to cook with
> butter and it tastes better (I think).

A colleague - a chemist by training - tried complex paraffinics in his diet
in order to take what he saw as a step towards a marketable no-calorie food.
He now has a parkinson-m.s. ill-defined sort of degenerative disorder, perhaps
as a co-incidence, perhaps not. I note that the FDA is seeking new protocols
on synthetic fat substitutes - polysaccharides which generate a fat-taste 
sensation and so forth - because the amount that woul dhave to be fed to 
animals if they were to follow the food-additive protocols are such that the
poor things would burst. 

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