Australian Botanist visiting UBC

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Wed Apr 20 22:26:01 EST 1994

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Hello Mark: I can't help you with field ecophysiology research but if you can
get to Utah I think I could show you some interesting natural environments. I
was in Australia last year and was shown around by Tim Willing of the Broome
Botanical Society and had a fantastic experience botanizing in part of the
Kimberly. If I can return the favor to an Australian botanist, I'd be pleased
to do so. I have a Ph.D. in plant ecology but have been active in the
environmental  business area for the past twenty years. I'm 45 and know a bit
about this region of the Rocky Mountains which is quite beautiful. I am also a
trustee for the Center for Plant Conservation an US horticultural foundation
for conservation and restoration of rare plants. You can reach me at
pondaray at or FAX 1-801-539-8270. Let me know some more details about
your visit. What is the conference at UCB? Is it applied or basic research in
nature? My name is Wm. Hugh Bollinger. Look forward to hearing back from you on
this network. Regards, Hugh

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