Silver Sword

Fri Apr 29 14:56:50 EST 1994

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buonocor at (James Buonocore) writes:
>Does anyone have any information on a plant called the Silver Sword.
>Apparently, it grows on top of a dormant volcano on one of the Hawaiian
>Islands.  Also, it supposedly grows on the moon.  We would much appreciate
>any information on the plant, but we are especially seeking details on the
>moon angle.  If anyone can help, thanks in advance.  Feel free to contact
>us directly, as well as responding in the usenet.
>Jim and Rachel Buoncore {buonocor at}


You should contact Dr. Bruce Baldwin (Duke Univ. Dept. Botany) or
Dr. Robert Robichaud (Univ. Arizona, Dept. of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology) who are experts on the silverswords
(Asteraceae: Secneionieae: Madiinae) in Hawaii.  You should think
again, and perhaps sober-up with respect ot silverswords on the
moon! Whatever moon angle (night-time equatorial tilt analog?), Dr.
Robichaud might be helpful (or at least amused).


     Rob Wallace
     Dept. of Botany
     Iowa State Univ.

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