plant lights vs sunlight

Graeme Lyall uad1123 at
Tue Aug 2 17:43:28 EST 1994

john0130 at (Paul G Johnson) writes:

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> <Dietmar.Tietz at> wrote:
>>The best  choice for your purpose is probably fluorescent
>light, particularly
>>the purple variety of tubes.  Get your seedlings as close as you can
>>to the tubes to increase light intensity.
>The best light source I have found are cool-white fluorescent lamps. You
>may also wish to add a few incandescent bulbs to add more of the dark-red
>(or far-red in the literature) wavelengths. Don't waste your money on the
>so called "grow lamps".

I would really appreciate it if you would go into a little more 
detail.  What sort of results did you get with the cool white 
tubes, and what would be the benefit of the incandescent bulbs? 
Why avoid grow lamps?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!

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