4th PMB Congress Amsterdam - help this idiot

108KIECK at witsvma.wits.ac.za 108KIECK at witsvma.wits.ac.za
Tue Aug 2 09:56:27 EST 1994

(The idiot I am referring to is me.) I am looking for a book that was on
display during the plant molecular biology congress in June, but did not
note all the particulars. When I returned to the display desk all the
copies had been sold! It was a new (1993/1994) hardcover book called
"Priniciples of Plant Breeding" (or similar), but I don't know who the
author(s) is/are nor the Publishers, ISBN number etc.
Can anyone help?           Note: It was not the book 'Fundamentals of
                                 Plant Breeding' by Kuckuck et. al.
                                 which I had seen before.

Dieter <108kieck at witsvma.wits.ac.za>

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