Stalin's revenge?

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> I too saw the newspaper article, and was irritated that it did not
> included the Latin binomial.  From the article I read (which did not
> mention thorns), I guessed may be a cultivar of the giant hogweed.
> (Sorry, I can't recall the Latin binomial right now, but I think it
> may be something like "Heraclea macrophyla".)

Heracleum mantegazzianum is giant hogweed.  

> The giant hogweed created something of a media sensation some years ago
> in England, where it has escaped from gardens into lowlands around streams,
> and where some children making been-shooters from its hollow stems came
> down with a poison-ivy type reaction.  I believe there was even a song
> written on the theme of "the attack of the giant hogweeds".

It is now common along river valleys and in waste ground (and readily spreads
into gardens where it is a pain to get rid of) in England.

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