Phyllotaxy and the kiwi

John A Gerrath jagerrat at
Tue Aug 2 11:05:28 EST 1994

>Dan Sorensen 814-757-9382 (DSORENSE at A1.PSUPEN.PSU.EDU) wrote:

: I have about a hundred Actinidia arguta and 15 A. kolomikta plants growing
: in my backyard. On ALL of my plants the leaves are alternate along the stem.
: Is it possible that some leaves were lost to wind or other physical damage?
: If not this is definitely an atypical specimen.

Further examination of the branches shows no damage.  All the leaves are 
there and arranged haphazardly.  It may be, as another person said, an 
artifact of the rapid growth of the vines, as the tips of the vines are 
more regular, although not as regular as your plants.

: Regarding the unusual dichotomous branching, I have seen this fairly often
: but it also isn't normal.  Stems that do this have yet to survive the winter
: here in NW Penna. so I suspect the nutrient and/or water flow is somehow
: affected.

The dichotomously branched stems seem to make it through Ontario winters 
: I wonder if this plant is a named variety or a seedling?  Has it ever
: produced flowers or fruit?  I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't.  This
: sounds like one mixed up kiwifruit plant.
This plant hasn't flowered at all in three years.  We figured it just 
needed time to settle into our garden.  Are you telling us that it may 
never flower?  Hmmm.  I think we'll keep this plant going for a while 
longer and see what it does.

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Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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