4th PMB Congress Amsterdam - help this idiot

Barbara E. Liedl bl14 at cornell.edu
Wed Aug 3 01:03:51 EST 1994

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>Subject: 4th PMB Congress Amsterdam - help this idiot
>Date: 2 Aug 1994 15:56:27 +0100

>(The idiot I am referring to is me.) I am looking for a book that was on
>display during the plant molecular biology congress in June, but did not
>note all the particulars. When I returned to the display desk all the
>copies had been sold! It was a new (1993/1994) hardcover book called
>"Priniciples of Plant Breeding" (or similar), but I don't know who the
>author(s) is/are nor the Publishers, ISBN number etc.
>Can anyone help?           Note: It was not the book 'Fundamentals of
>                                 Plant Breeding' by Kuckuck et. al.
>                                 which I had seen before.

>Dieter <108kieck at witsvma.wits.ac.za>

I wasn't at the meetings, but the only new text I have seen is the 
following book:  "Plant Breeding: Theory and Practice" by Neal C. Stoskopf 
with Dwight T. Tomes and B.R. Christie, Westview Press, Boulder, CO, 1993, 
ISBN 0-8133-1764-9, costs between $60-70 US dollars?  The book is large, 
over 500 pages.  The cover is in white, purple & orange, showing a field of 
cotton and african violet flowers?  

If this isn't the book, I would still suggest getting it.  Several people 
in our department have gotten it and it is being using as the general text 
displacing Allard's and Fehr's books.  

If not, I would sure appreciate hearing about the text you saw at the 
meetings, once you get the information on it.  

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