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> Does Prenanthes purpurea ring any bells with anyone?  It was recorded in 1841
> as naturalised from the gardens of Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland.
> Is this a currently accepted name? If not, what is it now? Any help gratefully
> received.
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   Apparently Prenanthes purpurea is a currently accepted species, one of
about 40 that have wide distribution in N. Amer., Europe, Canaries, trop.
Africa, and temp. & trop. Asia. P. purpurea (fam. Asteraceae) is native to
northern Europe and has purple flowers that hang face down on long stems. 
The common name is purple lettuce. see Fitter, A. 1987. Wild Flowers of
Britain and Northern Europe. Univ of Texas Press. p.118 for a color drawing
of the plant. Hope this helps.  Ray

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