"buffalo grass"?

Andre Hamel hamel at cc.umanitoba.ca
Fri Aug 5 07:17:40 EST 1994

Does anyone know where one can obtain seeds for buffalo grass? It's a slow
growing grass.

AND/or where one can get seeds for any other slow growing grass, such as
found in mountains?  (idea is to reduce amount of mowing needed)  :^)

I recall having heard about such grass on CBC radio's "Quirks & Quarks"
about a year ago. ... I suppose I ought to contact them for info, but
thought (hope) somebody on 'net might know.

In similar vein, anyone aware of where one can get mold spores that are
rather specific for dandelion ... likewise I recall hearing on Q & Q radio
show about a fungus that will kill dandelions (which, I recall are NOT
indigenous to North America?).

many thanks,
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