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Fri Aug 5 14:40:23 EST 1994

In article <eaig164-010894213056 at dialin33621.slip.nts.uci.edu> Stephen J.
Schilt, eaig164 at orion.oac.uci.edu writes:
>I am trying to get some information on a region in South America called
>Tepuis.  I believe it is in Venezuela.  A mesa with many varieties of
>and unique plant life.  Can someone give me a text reference(printed or
>electronic) that I can access for more information?  Many thanks.

Well, for starters there have been some articles in Smithsonian and
National Geographic magazines some years ago.  Tepui-loving botanists,
zoologists, & geologists caught lots of media attention because they were
hang-gliding off these rather startlingly high mesas.  I can't remember
other sources in the popular media, but you might refer to them as
table-lands in doing a search.  I heard once that these things were
formed as a part of a sandstone plateau that stretched across S. America
AND Africa back a few millions of years ago before the formation of the
Atlantic.  Oh, another thing, the mountains are called tepuis, the region
is not.

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